The Simple Life: The Memoirs of Susan Albright Reed


Susy Albright was the youngest daughter of Club member John Joseph Albright.  Albright was a member of the Jekyll Island Club from 1890-1931.  Susy was born in 1907, and spent many of her winters as a young child on Jekyll Island.

From 1913-1917, Susy would have many opportunities that many young children her age would not have the chance to experience.  This memoir came out of a letter to Susy’s daughter, which originally was intended to be a description of her career in education at the United Nations.  However, Susy sidetracked into her vivid and happy childhood memories of Jekyll Island when composing her memoirs.  The end result is a unique perspective into the magical world that was Jekyll Island in the eyes of a young girl on the eve of World War I.