The Good Time Will Come – DVD


Nestled today on the Georgia coast is pristine Jekyll Island State park. But, at the turn of the twentieth-century Jekyll Island was owned by a Club of wealthy entrepreneurs, financiers, and industrialists. Influential personalities abounded at the Jekyll Island Club and by the 1910's the children of Oliver and Esther Jennings sojourned regularly on the island. "The Good Time Will Come" documentary by Tyler E. Bagwell is a digital film about Oliver Burr Jennings and his family. In 1862, with a small fortune in gold, forty-niner Oliver Jennings returns east from San Francisco to buttress John and William Rockefeller’s oil endeavors. The Jennings family achieves the "American Dream" and become members of the Jekyll Island Club, ultimately revealing the keystone to a prosperous life. Follow this family's remarkable story through old photographs, 16mm films, and recorded interviews and discover the intimate details of a time long gone in the history of America's golden age.

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