On Kiki's Reef (Scute Approved Reading)


Carol L. Malnor, Picture Book           Interest Level- Elementary 2nd-6th grade

A tiny baby sea turtle scrambles across the sandy beach and into the sea.  Floating far out in the ocean, Kiki is becoming a gentle giant. She swims to shallower water where a rainbow of corals puts on a show.  Kiki adopts the busy coral reef as her new home and discovers fish of all sizes and lots of surprises! But something calls her back to the beach...and the cycle continues.

Look for the "Scute Approved" sticker on the front cover of each book.


What does "Scute Approved Reading" mean?

- Scientifically accurate, including text and illustrations

- The book is well written.  The plot, setting, and characters are appealing and well constructed.

- The book is visually appealing; the illustrations are attractive and enhance the story-telling.

- The book has a message that moves children towards a better understanding of sea turtles and their conservation.

*Scute Appoved books are rigorously reviewed by several staff members using the criteria above.