Jekyll Island Cookbook


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An absolutely beautiful cookbook with an original watercolor painting of Jekyll Island on the cover. The delightful divider illustrations are whimsical, funny, and entertaining! The page fillers which are used when extra space is left on a recipe page are adorable sea turtle hatchlings with the most interesting facts about the Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) Sea Turtle. No, we are not cooking turtles, we are cooking to save the turtles. Some of the recipes donated have been in families for generations. Some are recipes sought after diligently and persistently whenever they are served. Contributors from all over the world donated their very best recipes to make this truly an outstanding cookbook that will surely become a staple with cooks of all ages and abilities. These recipes are tried and true favorites. This award winning book has been selected by Morris Press (largest publisher of cookbooks in the nation) as one of the 10 best cooks of 2005. By Dorothy Carswell

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