Into the Sea (Scute Approved Reading)


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Author: Brenda Z. Guiberson, Illustrated by Alix Berenzy

Interest Level: Middle Grades (2nd - 6th)

Accelerated Reading Level: 4.8 (0.5 points)

Into the Sea’s accurate storytelling and realistic illustrations detail the life cycle of a sea turtle.

 Synopsis: Experience the life of a female sea turtle as she breaks from her shell, splashes into the sea, and navigates for survival, eventually returning to the place of her birth to lay eggs. This tale of her life cycle is written in prose that gives immediacy to the events as the turtle encounters other sea animals during her long journey. Guiberson uses italicized sound words such as tap, tap, and scritch to draw readers into the story. Berenzy captures the essence of the text with her colored-pencil and gouache illustrations that alternate from dark to light, reflecting the various habitats. Both backgrounds and featured animals are realistic in appearance, but the overall effect lends a sense of drama to the text, especially the striking moonlit beach scenes. The author's concluding statements emphasize the diminishing number of sea turtles and the ways in which people are trying to protect them. 


The Scute Approved seal guarantees that a book:

  • is scientifically accurate, including text and illustrations.
  • is well written; the plot, setting, and characters are interesting and well-constructed.
  • is visually appealing; the illustrations are attractive and enhance the story telling process.
  • can be used to teach in cross-curricular subject areas (such as literacy or natural sciences).
  • has a message that moves students toward a better understanding of turtles and/or marine conservation

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