Adopt Charlie (Symbolic)


Want to stay connected and support the Georgia Sea Turtle Center? Symbolically adopting one or our rehabilitation patients is great way to continue learning about sea turtles and staying connected.  Symbolic adoptions make fantastic gifts!


To Symbolically Adopt-a-Sea Turtle as a Gift:

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Species: Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta caretta)
Age: Post-Hatchling  (Hatched July 27, 2016)
Gender: Unknown
Arrival: August 1, 2016
Weight:  0.61 oz / 17.3 g
Found: Jekyll Island, GA 
Rescued by: Georgia Sea Turtle Center (GSTC) Beach Patrol

When found: Charlie is a straggler hatchling found in nest 41 on Jekyll Island this past summer.  The nest was laid June 2, 2016 and first began to emerge on July 27, 2016 after 55 days incubation.  Straggler hatchlings are turtles unable to make it out of the nest on their own.  As part of our research, the GSTC waits approximately 5 days after signs of nest emergence before excavating to inventory nest hatch and emergence success.  Typically, if straggler hatchlings are found, they are released once the inventory is complete.  This information is important to further understanding nesting behavior & management of sea turtles along our coast.  The GSTC is permitted by Georgia Department of Natural Resources to have one hatchling in our care to serve as an education ambassador for approximately one year before being released back to the wild.

Regretfully, guests will NOT be able to attend the release.
However, we will do our very best to share photos and video.

Treatment & Current Status: Charlie is healthy overall; growing, eating and swimming well.  Our staff weigh and measure Charlie weekly to ensure healthy growth.  Regular veterinary exams are performed throughout his/her stay at the GSTC.  When ready, Charlie will be transported by boat off shore to the Sargasso Sea.  Sargassum is a type of floating seaweed that supports an entire ecosystem including sea turtles. Hatchling and juvenile sea turtles use sargassum matts to float around the ocean, find food, and hide from predators. Loggerhead sea turtles live in this environment for the first 10-12 years of their life and use magnetism to direct them in their travels during this stage of their life cycle.

**Through genetic analysis, we have learned that the adult female who laid nest 41 was named Chernabog.  She was first tagged on Jekyll Island in June 1997 & became part of an ongoing DNA study in 2006.  Chernabog has been documented nesting on Jekyll Island in 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2016.  Few sea turtles nest in consecutive years making Chernabog an incredible and rare lady.  Typically loggerhead sea turtles nest every 2-3 years.**


 What’s included in the Adopt-a-Sea Turtle Package?
- Personalized Certificate of Adoption
- Letter from your turtle
- ONE 4×6 photo of your turtle
- Adoptive parent’s name listed on their turtle’s web page
- Monthly updates through email including a recent photo of your adopted turtle

 *Note that satellite transmitters are NOT part of the Adopt-a-Sea Turtle program as all turtles do not receive transmitters.

**Allow 2-4 weeks for processing and delivery of materials. We make every effort to provide advance notice of patient release when it becomes available.**